If you are able and willing to coach please contact:

Coaches: Brie Rallings bridgetterallings@gmail.com

Links for Coaches / Managers

Manager Responsibilities

  • It is up to you to pass on all relevant information to all the players in your team, please check our website regularly and advise team members to do the same
  • You must collect the scoreboard prior to the game and fill in the player’s details, making sure it has been returned to Control after the game
  • When scoring you must stand with the scorer for the opposition at all times and take turns scoring each quarter or half
  • Ensure names are spelt correctly on scoresheets, if unsure then check photo cards
  • Photo cards must be taken to each game and shown to opposing team. The scoresheet must be signed by both teams in the ‘Photos sighted’ box at the top of the scoresheet. (Not relevant for 8’s and 9’s)
  • Junior teams only – fill in club Team Time Sheet and either bring to monthly club meetings or drop in letterbox at above address.
  • Ensure bibs are clean for each game and game ball is fully pumped
  • Please ensure that no jewellery is worn during play
  • Make sure that all player’s nails are cut short
  • Carry nail scissors to each game.
  • Carry emergency first aid supplies (tissues, band-aids, tape etc). Control will also have a first aid kit.
  • A spare pair of black sports briefs is also a good idea
  • Any injuries that occur during the game are to be noted on the reverse side of the score sheet and you must advise the Club Secretary as soon as possible
  • Where there are any injuries in which blood is involved, the player must leave the court and put a covering on the injury before returning to the court.  If any clothing has blood on it then it must be replaced
  • Wet Weather – most up to date information is on www.ssna.asn.au to which a link can be found on thistles website. If there is no update on SSNA website, assume games are on as per fixture book.