Est. 1966

It’s our birthday!

2016 marks the 50th anniversary since the origination of Caringbah Thistles from the Presbyterian Church, Caringbah. Two very close friends – Vicki Poat and Heather McDonnell – were members of the PFA (Presbyterian Fellowship of Australia), a church youth group comprising boys and girls aged 16-20. A number of these girls wanted to play netball together in a team, but did not want to join an established club where they would be graded. Vicki, although playing with Cronulla RSL and unable to join the team, accompanied Heather to the “Manse” (Minister’s Home) in Caringbah Road and sought the assistance of Reverend John Baillie. He agreed that the team could be formed, on the condition that it did not interfere with Fellowship on a Sunday night.

As quoted by xxx: “This was to be a one team club and from memory I think it was in that first year we went shopping for the uniform which was a beautiful three box pleat tartan with a blue stripe with a white school blouse underneath. The Thistle was to be our emblem because it was the crest of the Presbyterian Church of Australia. The word spread and the club grew, the uniform had to be changed as there was only enough tartan material for the very first team. A committee was formed and those early days were with Gwen Fisher and Heather Porter who were very good friends as were their families, both their daughters were playing netball. As the Fishers had lived opposite Vicki all their lives, it was an excellent choice that she should be on the committee. Nona Henderson also played a major part in the early days of this club. Colours for clubs were running so it was agreed to change the uniform to grey but keep the club crest, the Thistle.”

Thistles has grown from strength to strength and is one of the most respected clubs in the Sutherland Shire, with a large number of our players who are current or past representative players.

Growing from humble beginnings, in 2016 the club has x teams registered, with over xx players, ranging across all ages and divisions.
Extract from: “Sutherland Shire Netball Association Inc, 50th Anniversary 2010″
Published 2010 Cliff Lewis Printing

Original Uniforms
Original Uniforms
Heather McDonnell & Vicki Poat
1972 Grand Final Team
PFA Youth Group