We would love to see YOU in a Thistles umpire top in 2019!

Umpiring is a fun and very rewarding role in netball and we need more of them. Umpiring on a Saturday can also earn you a few extra dollars!

If you are interested to discuss how to become an umpire, please contact Sandra Moss on 0409 160 002.

We also need to protect our umpires, as not everyone knows the rules or can read the game like an umpire. Coaches and Managers must be forever vigilant and protect them as they do their duties. If you see or hear someone making comments towards an umpire please alert the SSNA Control immediately.

Respect the Umpire

It has come to our attention and we want to let you know, that umpires are becoming hard to find, the numbers are way too low!

Lets treat the ones we have with a little more respect. To refrain from bad behaviour or words to that effect.

So here’s your chance to think about the things you say and do.

Don’t yell or point the finger, or it could come back to you!

If you know so much about the rules and how to make the calls, we need you in our umpires pool. The next duty could be yours!