Our Umpires


If you are interested in learning how to Umpire, or would like to come back to Umpiring after a break, we would love to see you in a Thistles Umpires uniform in 2022!

Thistles are very proud to have a strong Umpiring contingent with some fantastic younger – and older- and very experienced Umpires with qualifications at the National B and C levels.

Umpiring is a fun and very rewarding role in netball and we need more of them to make sure our teams are able to take the court each week

Oh – and did we mention you get paid??

New Umpires must be turning 13 years and will receive weekly courtside coaching as they learn the tricks of the trade.  For this reason, registrations for new umpires are limited to ensure we are able to provide a suitable coach.

If you are interested in becoming a Thistles umpire please contact our Umpires Convenor, Sandra Moss on thistlesumpires@gmail.com


Respect the Umpire

( A poem. Source Unknown)

It has come to our attention and we want to let you know, that umpires are becoming hard to find, the numbers are way too low!

Lets treat the ones we have with total respect. To refrain from bad behaviour or words to that effect.

So here’s your chance to think about the things you say and do.

Don’t yell or point the finger, or it could come back to you!

If you know so much about the rules and how to make the calls, we need you in our umpires pool. The next duty could be yours!



Important Dates


Open: Jan 4, 2022
Close: Feb 25, 2022

Practical SSNA Grading

10 years – 12th of March (AM)
16 years – 5th of March (PM)

2022 Days of Play

Day 1:  2 April
Day 2:  9 April
No Play: 16 April ( School Holiday)
No Play: 23 April ( ANZAC Day)
Day 3:  30 April
Day 4:   7 May 

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